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Timing Belt Job

Engine The timing belt is a rubber/nylon belt that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft(s).This belt often times also turns water pumps, auxiliary shafts etc.

There are also several other important parts that work in-conjunction with the timing belt such as timing belt idlers, tensioners and oil seals. As the timing belt is exposed to heat and various substances such as road grime and oil along with the strain of everyday driving it starts to stretch. After the belt starts this stretching process it gets loose and begins to wear on the teeth of the belt, it also effect camshaft position which in turn effects timing and can also have a affect on fuel mileage and engine performance (This belt tension should be checked in between timing belt replacements).

Now the reason timing belt jobs are costly if done right is because it takes several hours and several hundred dollars worth of parts. You don’t just put another belt on and off you go because you have those other parts I mentioned earlier with the same wear as the belt and believe me most of the time these parts don’t last until its time to do the belt again. I don’t know how many engines I’ve seen destroyed due to a water pump failure and stripping the teeth off the timing belt or oil seals that were not replaced saturating a new belt with the same results… And many people tell there mechanic to just put the belt on and not the associated parts because money is tight. And then in a few weeks having their car towed in because it just quit running and they can’t understand why since they just had all the maintenance done, but they failed to have the water pump replaced with the belt and it locked up and wiped the belt out which in turn wiped their engine out.

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