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pully Engine accessories like the air conditioner, compressor, power steering, water pump, and alternator are operated by means of an accessory belt. Through this belt, these parts are able to work efficiently and harmoniously with each other. It ensures that these engine accessories work in perfect timing.

However, this belt is able to work efficiently with the help of an idler pulley.

It’s important for car owners to maintain their car’s Accessory Belt Idler Pulley on its excellent shape and condition. If the pulley is maintained well, th e car will be able to keep its flawless engine performance too. The idler pulley’s surface, in particular, must be inspected regularly for signs of wear and damage. It must also be lubricated. The function of this idler pulley is to control the movement of the belt as it goes from the crankshaft to the various engine accessories. When the pulley gets damaged, the entire engine operation will surely get disrupted as well. This can also lead to accidents, especially if the driver loses control of the vehicle. To prevent these scenarios, car owners must include regular inspection on their daily routine. When the idler pulley gets damaged, there’s no other choice but to replace it.

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