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Engine and Transmission Mounts

Mounts are basically devices that connect the various parts of an automobile to its chassis or framework, much like how a joint connects different bones of the human body.

They allow these parts to rotate and help keep them in their proper alignments. They also dampen vibration and noise so they will not be felt by the car’s driver and passengers. There are many different kinds of mounts, among which are the engine mount and the transmission mount. An engine mount attached the engine to the chassis.


A transmission mount,on the other hand, work with engine mounts to control torque and minimize the vibration transferred to the chassis.

It is also the trans mount which keeps linkages in their proper positions.

They form the rear support of the transmission assembly as well as the right angling of the front of the driveshaft. Most mounts are made of steel and rubber, although the latter is vulnerable to time, heat, chemicals, and vapors. When the rubber mount deteriorates, vibrations can then be felt and noises from the connection points can be heard.

The worst scenario is the falling apart of components and unintended acceleration, which is quite dangerous. Broken mount could also cause exhaust pipes to leak or the radiator to be punctured.

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